Petersburgstroy - Skanska

When "Skanska" was purchased by the company "Peterburgstroy", our agency received the task to introduce double-brand "Petersburgstroy - Skanska" in the Saint-Petersburg market. It was implemented in strict correspondance with Skanska double branding standards. Brand recognition has been achieved.

What we did:

Double Branding

Logotype has been implemented in corporate colours of Skanska keeping the original typeface of Peterburgstroy company. We also worked out brand book, establishing the rules of logo usage in all kinds of media.

Advertising campaign

Advertising campaign was launched under the slogan " We build to provide you with the pleasure of living". It was supported with the visual line of minimalistic thematic photos. Brand Power Generator has worked out series of ads for the specialized and business editions ("Business St. Petersburg", "Real Estate and Construction of St. Petersburg"), corporate broshures, product leaflets.

Single Branding

Next task was to change double brand to the single brand "Skanska". The difficulty was in the low brand awareness of "Skanska" and pronunciation complexity. This is how the "question-answers" campaign appeared, which allowed to show all benefits of one of the leading international companies.

Advertising campaign

Further on the whole spectrum of advertising production was launched under the single brand Skanska.